Hotel a Grado


Grado is a modern seaside resort. Its splendid beach, with an expanse of over 5km of fine golden sand dipping very gently into the sea, is particulary attractive for children.


The island's historical centre is delightful succession of narrow streets and beautiful little squares teeming with the commercial activity of modern shops.

Vacanze a Grado

The beach

The Grado's lagoon with its rich animal and plant life - which is now protected by the World Wildlife Fund - is an ideal destination for an excursion which will take you to visit the "casoni", old reed houses built by fishermen from Grado.

Hotel Grado

Hotel Meublé Villa Patrizia - Ristorante da Franco

Viale Italia, 19 - 34073 Grado (Gorizia)
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Ristorante Grado

Ristorante Da Franco

Viale Italia, 26 - 34073 Grado (Go)
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